Hire the Right Candidates and Comply With the EEOC

Some new hiring tecnologies utilize tools for recruiters to use when hiring employees that allows them to break all the applicants down based on specific aspects of who they are like race, gender and status as a military veteran. For example, all the Asian applicants can be shown in a section and all the Latino female applicants can be shown in a section, based on how searches are set up within the tool itself.

This has raised some interesting questions amongst journalists and HR departments about all the different ways the tool can be used and has, not surprisingly, drummed up a bit of controversy. One Fox business columnist suggested this hiring tool could be used for reverse discrimination in the hiring process, as applicants can be divided by descriptors that encourages them to be hired based solely on their ethnicity, race or background as opposed to their qualifications. And while that is theoretically true from one perspective, there is more to this hiring tool than just that, as well as more that goes into the hiring process in general.

While ideally the best people should be selected for every position, this tool helps recruiters get a better sense of the broad make up of a larger company, so that they are at least aware of what genders, races and ethnicities are in the majority in each work environment. Theoretically, a company could use the tool to only search and hire within one gender and one race if they so desired. Tools are only tools at the end of the day. How they are used is where the controversy comes into play.

It’s also important to note that many companies have certain discriminating factors embedded into their hiring processes. For example, some require a degree from a certain type of school. But there are groups of people who have no chance at ever attending that time of school due to their socioeconomic backgrounds which, in essence, means there is no chance they will ever be able to get that job. This program will help to display applicants who may not meet those broader more discriminatory types of educational criteria but still can give them a shot at being hired. It creates a more inclusive process and therefore enhances meritocracy. In many cases, it’s not even a human selecting the first round of resumes, but a computer who has been programmed to get rid of applicants who do not fit broader sta

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